Creating a Stunning Fitout

The 7 Stages To Create A Stunning Fitout

After a lengthy consideration, your fast food brand finally pushes through with a store fitout. But how do you start, especially if it is your first time to engage the services of a fitout firm? There are seven steps that you will have to undergo, starting from creating a fitout concept to walking through your newly fitted store, says Scott Peatey, Managing Director at Aussie Fitouts. Knowing each stage and what comes before and after each one will help prepare you better for the months of work ahead.

Step 1: Concept

The fitout concept is finalized. You may already be flowing with ideas on what you want your store to look like, but it is always beneficial to consult with the experienced designers. Peatey says designers need to work closely with clients to further refine their concept and make sure it is something that can be built on time and within budget.

Step 2: Location

The location is finalized. Where will the store be located? The site will also play a big role in the final store design to accommodate factors such as the type of customers passing by and the habits of customers that will be frequenting the store.

Step 3: Design

Once the concept and location details are ironed out, a fitout design is then created through a collaboration between you, your designers and the fitout firm. It is a common mistake to rush this step in your desire to get construction going, but spending more time here will save you money and effort in the long run. “Sometimes it is best to take a little longer in the design process to get it right which allows for a smoother flow throughout the rest of the project,” says Peatey.

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